Our story


That_kiwi is a local New Zealand brand created by kiwi's, for kiwi's. We all know that New Zealanders love to travel, so traveling the world is what inspired Graham Hughes to create the brand ‘That_kiwi’ as a Streetwear brand. As Graham travelled around the world he was often known as  “That _kiwi”.

The That_kiwi brand endeavours to stay true to the things that inspired it, including being a New Zealander, travel and the urban street culture and style.  The brand was started in a small shed in West Auckland, New Zealand and is trademarked in true kiwi style.

We encourage you to spread the love of travel and what it means to be a ‘kiwi’ by putting That_kiwi on the map, taking it into the streets of local New Zealand and the world. Even better, taking the brand with you while you travel and become “That _kiwi”.